How it Works

Kildare’s brand new photo entertainment service. Printing smiles at your next party!!

iPhotobooth lets your guests interact and pose while getting high quality prints in seconds. No party is complete with out this, its entertaining, fun and the memories are printed instantly. Not to mention the laughs as you look back over the images when we upload them to facebook.

The concept is simple, you and your guests stand in the open air studio. You can see yourself on the screen as you pose, once you’re in place you touch the screen to begin.

4 different pictures are taken and placed into a template, this is then printed out for you to keep. If two people are in the photo, it prints twice. If four people then it prints 4 and so on.

Serious entertainment for any party.

PLUS, as well as getting the images printed on the night, you also get the digital images in high res sent to you after the party.

These will be the images in the templates along with the single images, perfect for posting online.

If you have any questions, drop us a mail and we will reply as quick as we can.